Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tomorrow my mom will turn 60! My dear friend Colleen and I threw my mom a surprise party on Saturday night. Let me tell you it was a hit! She was surprised!

I came up with the idea of a Summer night in Paris theme. My mom is too special for that over the hill stuff. Besides she is absolutely gorgeous and looks nothing even close to 60! I decorated with lot's of glitter, vintage papers, flowers, Eiffel towers everywhere and used beautiful linens my dear Aunt Carol let me borrow from her travels in France. Let me tell you, they are nothing you could find at any store here.
I wanted to welcome everyone with the Summer in Paris theme. I had french music playing in the background. There also was a 6 1/2 foot gold glittered Eiffel tower for people to pose for pictures. That was so much fun. I dressed the children in french clothes with little french hats. They were the token "french people".

I turned my dining room into a french bakery. I hand stamped little white treat bags with Eiffel towers and filled each one with parchment paper. The dinning room table was full of treats to fill the bags with. I made Eiffel tower chocolate lolly pops, Eiffel tower cookies, we had Madeline cookies, lemon cooler cake and many more treats for everyone to take home. I think the bakery was a hit, everyone walked out with very full bags.

We set up a buffet in the back yard and also made several relaxing seating areas for everyone to just kick back and enjoy themselves. All of my mom's friends are such wonderful people and I enjoyed having all of them over. She was so happy to see all of them and my mother had a smile on her face the entire night. My mother deserved this party so much and it was such a pleasure to have it for her. Happy Birthday Mom!

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Denise said...

what a great idea!! Looks like it was a hit! Hope all is well! You look great!