Saturday, July 28, 2007

Big Shopping Day!

I had a great day shopping at the Orange Circle today. There was a flea market and lot's of great deals. I found two flower frogs that I have been searching for and many other treats. I also found some great plant material to use in my pots I will be selling at the Open House. If you live in Orange County, CA and want to attend the Open House on 8/25/07 just e-mail me at

I also have been busy with my garden design. May inquiries for the "facelift". If you are interested in a design and you can plant it yourself or if you are local I can do it for you just e-mail me. I will be able to do a landscape design over your digital photo.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sofia the Ballerina...

I am so proud of my daughter Sofia. She is 7 years old, going into 2nd grade this Sept. She had a big ballet performance this past Saturday. She danced so beautiful. I love to watch the little ones on stage. They are so darn cute. You can't help but smile when you watch them. The mothers of the girls in my daughters ballet class were all so proud. We have watched them practice week after week and seeing them up on the big stage was amazing.