Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today I finished the landscaping job in Long Beach on the Tropicals. We all felt so good after as the final result was stunning. I look forward to returning in a couple of weeks to see how everything fills out.

This was the most difficult landscaping job I have ever experienced. The challenge with the invasive roots was indescribable. Digging under these conditions is not only taxing but emotionally draining. You would dig for ten minutes only to get down a couple of inches. When you are planting 15 gallon plants that is discouraging. It's like digging through roots and very little dirt. But with the right tools (most of them ended up broken) and the will power we made it through. I am so proud of my gang that helped me out with this project. Most of all Curtis! He was the trooper that went with me week after week. I can not thank him enough.

In the end it was all worth it, the homeowners are happy and that makes me happy. Every drop of sweat, blister and ROOT was worth this end result! The pictures say it all.

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