Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Stuff Going On....

The company that I worked at for almost 4 years shut down over a week ago. I had already started my landscaping business on the side and see this as a blessing since I now can devote all of my time to the business of my dreams.

I have only been away from my "desk job" for a week and a half and boy I have learned a lot. Days go by faster when your out and about. I love it though. I have had the joy of spending time with my 7 year old daughter. She is such a great kid. I have been taking her with me to the nurseries and growers. She never complained about being out in the hot sun walking about acres of plants and flowers. I have a feeling my love of plants and gardens comes natural with her.

I had my big open house last Saturday! It was a huge turnout and success. Everyone is asking about when the next one is, stay tuned. Sadie Olive and I are working on the next dates. With the holidays around the corner we are gearing up for all the big shows and sales. I want to thank everyone for their support, it is very inspiring.

I have been working on a tropical landscape in Long Beach. It has been hard work but I am going to love the end result. It will all be worth it. Stay tuned, I will post the final photos when I am done.

Thanks again everyone for your support, I means the world to me!

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