Tuesday, June 12, 2007

About Me

Welcome to my site.

I am a garden enthusiast who specializes in residential garden design. I have been gardening for over 25 years. As a small child I loved to garden and came from a long line of dedicated Gardner’s. Growing up in Southern California I have learned a lot about how flowers and plants thrive in our climate.

My goal is to give your garden the facelift of your dreams. Whether you know what you want or simply don’t know what you want I can help. It is my intention to grow with you. If you’re dreaming of an old world Italian garden or a whimsical American garden I will make your dream come true. I will be able to work within your budget and take what you already have and simply make it better, that’s the floral facelift!


John Bruns said...

Great website!

Look forward to you updating my house in Newport Beach.

restyled home said...

Good luck with your new business venture. Your talent will see you through!
Happy gardening,

Sadie Olive said...

You are going to be such a success! I can't wait until we can someday open our dream shop/garden center together! ..lol..


Amelia said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, your site looks beautiful!


Teresa said...

Welcome to blogging! Good luck and I wish you great success. If I lived in your area I would hire you to give me a beautiful Italian garden!


deb said...

Welcome to the magical world of blogging. You'll love it! Can't wait to see some of your designs.

PAT said...

I clicked on your site at Sara's blog.

Best of luck in your venture. The photos of your work, are beautiful!

Welcome to "blogdom"!
Back Porch Musings

Raised In Cotton said...

Hi Sharon,

Good Luck on your new venture. I love the name Floral Face Lift! Wish you lived in Missouri :)


Linda said...

I am a very proud mom- I am very
lucky to have a daughter that is so talented!!! She really loves to design gardens and has great ideas. I know that her business will be great-and there will be lots of happy people that have had her do her magic to their gardens!!

love mom!

Anonymous said...

I love you sweetheart! You are so talented and I know you will be a big success. I am sooooooo proud of you.